Happy Birthday to the 4D Prince of BEAST, Jang Hyunseung ♥

My 2nd bias in BEAST :”> ♥

Gikwang is my 1st bias, but you’re really the 2nd bias, Yoseob became my bias wrecker XD.

When I became a B2UTY, I don’t know how and when it start that I fall in love with your precious smile, your cute little 4D antics, your sense of humor and your passion for singing and dancing, they have captured my heart.

Even you don’t have the idea, I really became worried when you start lose that bright smile of yours, I really worried and I keep wishing I will see you smile again. And time came, during the “Shadow” promotion activities, I see the bright smile of yours again, and I said our 4D prince, he’s back :”> ♥ I’m so happy that I couldn’t explain it. 

 Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Keep being the 4D prince that you’ve always been. Don’t ever change. We B2UTY’s were always here for you! ♥

I love you, Jang Hyunseung, Happy Birthday once again, Saranghae ♥